My castle's on fire! What do I do?

1. If you Castle Wall is overcome by another player (meaning your defenses failed), it will start burning. While burning, your Defense will drop continuously.

2. Once your Castle is burning, simply login to begin the burn time countdown, after which the fire will go out automatically. You can also spend 100 Gems at any time to extinguish the fire instantly and recover full Defense.

3. The basic wall burning time is 1 hour, but the exact time will be determined by the severity of the attack. Once the wall burning time has ended, the fire will be extinguished automatically. You can spend Gems to extinguish the fire at any time by tapping Castle Wall > Defense > Extinguish.

4. When the Castle Wall Defense reaches 0, you'll castle will be randomly teleported to a new location. Once teleported, your Defense will automatically recover in full.