How do I move my Castle?

Random Teleport: Sometimes you might need to get away from a sticky situation, but you may not have enough Gems or items to choose an ideal spot. Or maybe you don't care where you go, as long as it's new! Then, you can use a "Random Teleport" item or spend 500 Gems, and your castle will port to a random spot on the World Map.

Elite Teleport: Sometimes you might need to move to a specific location to be ready for battle. Then, you can simply tap your chosen spot on the map to use an "Elite Teleport" item or spend 2000 gems and port to your chosen location.

Territory Teleport: The Territory Teleport exists to help you move around more easily WITHIN your alliance or union territory for much cheaper than an Elite Teleport. If your castle is already 100% within alliance or union territory borders, and your territory meets the minimum size requirements, you just need to use a "Territory Teleport" item or spend 700 Gems to move to a chosen location within your territory.

Teleporting Across Realms: If you want to move to join friends in another realm, make sure your account is less than 2 days old, your castle is Level 7 or below, and you have less than 4 million resources(if this account has purchase history), or 2 Milliion resources(if the account has no purchase history) in total (including those in your pack and mail), or you won't be able to teleport across realms. If you meet all these conditions, then you can teleport by simply viewing the Globe Map, selecting the realm you want, and tapping anywhere on the ground in that realm to move there with an Elite Teleport.