Crown Wars

Crown Wars are held approximately once a week, with the exact start time counted down on your main screen. Crown Wars have two phases: "Seize the Crown" and "Guard the Crown." The winning alliance will be able to name the King!

Seize the Crown

After the Crown War begins, you must occupy the Royal City and its surrounding Royal Towers as quickly as possible. Your alliance will earn points according to how long you occupy each building. The alliance with the most points at the end of the phase will successfully Seize the Crown.

Guard the Crown

The alliance that successfully seizes the crown will take it back to their Alliance Castle. If they can guard it for 5 hours without another alliance successfully attacking their Alliance Castle and stealing the crown, then the crown is officially theirs. They can then name any player they wish as King.

Kingdom Management

While in power, the King will enjoy many special benefits, and can also adjust the Kingdom Flag, name, and resource distribution. The King can also name any players they wish as officials or criminals, granting them benefits or punishments according to their given positions.