Strongest Lord Events

What are the Strongest Lord events?

The Strongest Lord events are divided into several phases. During each phase, players will focus on a specific gameplay function to earn points. During each phase, as long as players earn a certain amount of points they can earn rewards sent to their game mail.

Event Time

A certain amount of time after each new Realm opens, the server will automatically begin the Strongest Lord event cycle. Starting from the first time the events are open, they will then re-occur periodically. Specific event details and times will be visible on the Event screen in the Event Hall. We will be continuously developing new events and prizes, so please always watch the Event Hall for updates!

Event Types


Power On

: During this event, raise your Power as much as possible by upgrading buildings and conducting research. If you remove any buildings during the event, you'll lose event points!

Recruit Troops

: During this event, earn points by recruiting troops. The event rewards will differ depending on your current castle level.

Kill Event

: During this event, earn points by killing enemy soldiers. Your final points will be determined by your total kills!

Gather Resources

: During this event, earn points by gathering resources. Once you've gathered a certain amount of resources, you'll earn a rich reward.

Attack Monsters

: During this event, earn points by defeating monsters. The higher-level monsters you can defeat, the more points you'll earn!

Event Rewards

In each event phase, as long as you earn the required amount of points, event rewards will be sent directly to your game mail. For specific reward details, check the Event screen in the Event Hall.