How do I switch accounts?

1. Each third-party account can be bound to up to 2 accounts per realm.

2. Each time you use the "Start New Game" function, you must manually bind the new account. It will not be saved together with the previous account.

Go to "Settings" -> "Account" -> "Switch Account" to switch between accounts.

3. For account from different realm: If you want to switch realm with an account, you need to be aware that for the balance of each realm,Players may teleport between different Realms, but ONLY if your castle is still Level 7 or below and the total resources in your account is less than 4M£šif this account has purchase history£©,or 2M(if this account has no purchase history) and the create time for the account need to be within 2 days.

4. New account switch to other realm: "castle map" -> "Realm map" -> "World map" then choose the realm you would like to jump. It will need you to have an elite teleport or it will cost you 2000 gems.