Lord Skills

1. When you raise your Lord Level, you'll receive a certain amount of Skill Points. Use Skill Points to upgrade your Lord Skills.
2. Lord Skills are divided into 2 types: "War" and "Development." However, you'll only have enough Skill Points to activate one type in full. Allocate your points carefully!
3. Lord Skills are organized in a tree, meaning you must activate lower level Skills to access higher level Skills.
4. Using Skill Points activate and upgrade Skills will grant you stat boosts.

Lord Equipment

1. Equip suitable equipment to increase all sorts of abilities.
2. There are currently 6 types of equipment, each of which can be equipped to a different slot.
3. Equipment has 5 possible quality levels: White, Green, Blue, Purple, and Orange.
4. Equipment must be forged at the Blacksmith. Check the Forge page for exact instructions.