How can I get free Gems?

1. Completing some important quests will grant free Gems.

2. You'll get free Gems the first time you join an alliance.

3. Gather from Gem Mines on the World Map to gather free Gems.

4. Participate in limited-time events to earn huge Gem rewards.

5. Sign-in at the Daily Rewards at the Merchant Ship to get weekly Gems.

6. Raise your Lord Level to get a certain amount of Gem rewards.

7. Defeated monsters on the World Map have a chance to drop Gems.

8. You'll get Gems as a reward every time you update to the newest game version.

9. In purchasing events, you can get additional free bonus Gems when you buy Gems.

10. You can also get free gems from the Daily Prize feature.

11. If you subscribe to a Monthly Card, you can collect Gems daily while the card is active.