War and Order License and Services Agreement


The War and Order License and Services Agreement (referred to this agreement below) is a common contract that consists of the War and Order provider and you. Camel Games strongly suggests that you carefully read and fully understand all of the contents of this agreement before you register to become a War and Order user. Especially the clauses that exempts or limits Camel Games liability, terms of rights that restrict the user, application of law, and clauses to resolve disputes. These conditions will be highlighted in bold letters.


The user should be clear that if you dont agree to any conditions in this agreement, you are not entitled to use the game services of War and Order. According to the War and Order registration procedure, after you tap agree and accept or next, or successfully registered War and Order users, or can enter the game and use it after successfully registering to become a War and Order user. You will be considered to have read, unconditionally accepted,and obey this agreement. If any dispute occurs, the user cant plead that they didnt carefully read this agreement. If you arent willing to accept this agreement, you can choose to leave this program and not enter this game again. If you have any opinions or suggestions for this agreement or War and Order game services, you can contact the customer service department of Camel Games. We will provide you with the necessary help.


Regardless of which version of War and Order you enter, please read this agreement together with your legal guardian if you are a minor and pay special attention to the terms of use for underage users. After the user obtains their guardians consent to use the War and Order game services provided by Camel Games, the behavior of paying fees to Camel Games,and all of the terms in this agreement, you can use the War and Order game services provided by Camel Games. You should accept parental supervision and the restrictions of the anti-addiction system. When you agree here, you will provide real and complete info to Camel Games in a timely manner, so Camel Games can recognize your identity. Otherwise, you alone will bear the burden of any consequences produced. Also, Camel Games has the right to request you or your parents (guardian) to provide identification, household registration, and other necessary materials at any time to prove that your identity, parents (guardian), and parental (guardian) supervision is authentic and valid. Camel Games also has the right to independently determine if any age restrictions or underage parental supervision system is appropriate for you based on the materials submitted to Camel Games. Under the largest range of the applicable law, Camel Games reserves the right to set up, change, and terminate the range of application and terms of use for the anti-addiction system and parental supervision system. You must have already registered a War and Order account in the service to be able to enter this program. All uses of this program and service must comply with all the content of this version and updated versions in the future. Any behavior that doesn't adhere to the use of the War and Order program or services are expressly prohibited.


Condition 1: Definitions


1.1 The Agreement: Includes this agreement, Privacy Policy, game rules, and the revised edition of the above content. Once the above content is published, this agreement will be considered inseparable components.


1.2 War and Order: Refers to the game War and Order that is developed and operated by Kemu Software Co., Ltd.. This includes but isnt limited to the mobile device client version of this game and any version or updated version of this game published in the future; Includes the client software, server software, source code, object code, source files, and more; And may include the related network servers, websites (including but not limited to the official websites or official forums), electronic media, printed materials or electronic documents, and more.


1.3 Game Materials: Refers to the related programs, ports, images, animations, and other materials used in the game War and Order. This includes but isnt limited to feature modules, material resources, map resources, and more; Also, derived works related to the game War and Order. This includes but isnt limited to illustrations, videos, music, and more.


1.4 Game Rules: Refers to the user regulations, player rules, game announcements, hints, notifications, and other content the game provider will publish and revise at intervals about the game War and Order.


1.5 Game Service Provider: Kemu Software Co., Ltd. will be called Camel Games in this agreement.


1.6 Program: This agreement includes the game software program and accompanying resource documents for War and Order.


1.7 Services: The game provider provides the online operations service for War and Order. This includes but isnt limited to the game materials, user tools, official game websites, game forums, official Facebook pages, official Twitter accounts, and more.


1.8 You: Also known as Lord, Player, or User refers to the natural person who has been authorized to use the game and other services of War and Order.


1.9 Game Data: Refers to every type of data recorded by the server produced during the process of using War and Order. This includes but isnt limited to character data, virtual item data, user behavior logs, purchase logs, and other data.


1.10 Virtual Items: Refers to the design of a type of virtual item for regular transactions and exchange requirements of in-game services to satisfy the player. The virtual items can be obtained by exchanging real money, and can be used to get specific types of value-added services in-game. This is limited specifically to in-game use and exchange.


1.11 Resources: Refers to a type of virtual item needed for all in-game production and construction that can be obtained through being active, official events, or purchases. This is limited specifically to in-game use and exchange, which includes but isnt limited to Wood, Food, Iron, Stone, and other virtual items.


1.12 Improper User Behaviors: Refers to behavioral expressions of user behaviors that dont match those of normal players discovered by operator data and manual investigation of Camel Games. There are behaviors prohibited by this agreement. These behaviors are defined as improper user behaviors by Camel Games.


Condition 2: Game Account


2.1 Bind Account


2.1.1 You promise to provide real, legal, accurate, and valid personal info and related info to bind your War and Order account or a third-party account recognized by Camel Games and accept Camel Games services with this account (below called user account). Otherwise, Camel Games has the right to take one or more measures under Condition 7.6 of this agreement and can publish the handling of the results. You alone will bear all of the consequences created. Camel Games has the right to demand that you pay compensation to Camel Games for all losses created.


2.1.2 If you play this game, you have the right to use your phone number, Game Center account, Facebook account, or other third-party accounts recognized by Camel Games to bind your game account. We recommend using your phone number to register, so Camel Games can easily contact you when necessary. Otherwise, Camel Games can only contact you through game system announcements and you alone will bear all of the consequences.


2.1.3 You agree the personal info data that you have provided acts to identify the relationship of the user and user account as well as the main proof of the users identity. According to the relevant requirements of the national laws and regulations, you must login with the real-name registration system and register with your real-name.


2.1.4 You fully understand and agree that you cant make in-game purchases or expenses while in the temporary account mode. If you remove or reinstall the game War and Order, change your mobile phone, tablet or other devices, or if this device is damaged, all of your game related data, purchase data or expense data may all be cleared while in the temporary account mode, and cant be inquired or recovered. You alone will bear any of the consequences created.


2.2 Account Loss, Use, Safeguard, and Removal


2.2.1 If you use a third-party account recognized by Camel Games as your game account to play and enjoy the War and Order, you still have to obey the agreement and rules of the third-party account. If there are related problems produced with the third-party account that includes but isnt limited to being stolen, you alone will have to contact the third-party to solve it. Camel Games can provide the necessary help, but will not take any responsibility.


2.2.2 You fully understand and agree to provide the relevant personal info and real-name registration info to judge and verify the info is real and valid. Camel Games has the right to provide third-parties with the info you provided above to organize, save, compare, or use other measures. Camel Games has the right to guarantee the safety and validity of the user account through management, technology, and other reasonable measures. The user has the obligation to safely keep the account and passcode, and accurately and safely use the account and passcode. Any party that hasnt completed the above obligations causing loss of account or passcode, account being stolen, or other forms that causes harm to the civil rights of the user and other people, should undertake the legal liabilities that arise.


2.2.3 You fully understand and agree that if you discover other people are illegally using or have stolen your account and passcode, or any other forms of using your account without your permission, you should immediately notify Camel Games and inform Camel Games through valid means to take action. When you notify Camel Games, you should provide valid personal info that is the same as the personal info you used to register, and other related info that Camel Games requests for you to provide. After Camel Games receives your valid request and verifies your personal info, Camel Games will take the corresponding actions according to your requirements or the specific situation (including but isnt limited to suspending the login and use of this account). You will bear the burden of the corresponding actions Camel Games takes according to your requests and losses caused to you and other users. If you dont provide valid personal info or the valid personal info doesnt match the registered personal info, or you dont provide other related info that Camel Games asks you to provide or the other related info that you provide has an error, Camel Games has the right to refuse your request. You will bear the burden of any loss created.


2.2.4 You fully understand and agree that if you dont login to the game you successfully registered with Camel Games for 3 successive years, Camel Games has the right to take action to delete and dispose the game data and related info of this account with advanced notification to efficiently use the server resources.


2.2.5 War and Order provides the Game Account Removal feature. If you need to remove the game account, you can perform the operations to remove your account according to the guide provided by the official game, and guarantee to satisfy the relevant conditions provided by the official game to remove the related game account.


You fully understand and agree that if you remove the game account, the related game earnings of this account will also be cleared. Before you remove this game account, be sure to take care of this game earnings or related game earnings of this game account should already be settled (includes game earnings produced during the time played and potentially produced in the future). Camel Games has the right to clear all of the game earnings of this account. You will bear the burden of any consequences. The previously mentioned game earnings include but arent limited to monthly game card equities and levels; all data related to the growth and upgrades of game Lords (including but not limited to Lord Power data, Lord Kill data, Lords Castle Level, Lord Level, and more); Online game virtual currency that hasnt been used, and virtual items (including but not limited to Gems, supplies, resources, and more); Value-added services that have been purchased but havent expired or havent been completely used; Other game earnings that have been produced but havent been completely used, or expected future game earnings, and more.


2.3 You fully understand and agree that the game War and Order might have game software bugs, version update defects, third-party virus attacks, or other factors that cause you to be unable to login to your game account, or cause your game character, game items, game equipment, Gems, and other account data to experience irregularities. Before the reason for the data irregularity has been determined, Camel Games has the right to temporarily freeze this account. If the data irregularity turns out to be improper game behavior, the game company will restore the game account to its original state before the data irregularity occurred (including transferred data retrieved from the third-party) and Camel Games is exempt.


Condition 3: Game Rules


3.1 Basic Behavior Rules You will confirm here the obligation to comply with all governmental rules and regulations in the region. You will take a step further to confirm you understand these rules and regulations, and hereby confirm your behavior will conform to every aspect of these rules and regulations when you contact other users and use the program.


3.2 Character Rename Rules


You fully understand and agree that every user can select their character name or be given one randomly by the system. Furthermore, the user can establish an Alliance (generally an in-game players society) and users need to similarly select a name for this Alliance. When you have selected a character name, established an Alliance, or other methods to create a mark that uses programs or services seen by other users, you must obey the following criteria for public order and good morals. If Camel Games thinks these marks might offend others or are inappropriate, Camel Games alone has the right to determine to change this name, remove the mark, and close the related chat, and/or temporarily freeze or permanently terminate your use of the program or service.


To be specific, you cant use the following names as your character or Alliance name:


1) Pretend to be another person and use this persons name. This includes but isnt limited to Game Manager, Game Support, and other employees or representatives of Camel Games.


2) Names with profane meanings, including coarse language, and including words that may offend others, ruin another persons reputation, words that are obscene or hostility, or hateful words that insult some races, nations, religions, or others.


3) Names consisting of other persons or entities with rights and you dont have permission of this person or written authorization of the entity.


4) Names of public figures, famous people, or media stars.


5) Names that include (registered or unregistered) trademarks or service marks or similarly relevant with those trademarks or service marks.


6) Character names taken from the game War and Order.


7Names related to drugs, sex, alcohol, or criminal behavior.


You cant use words written incorrectly or use names similar to the names restricted above to evade the above name restrictions. You also cant use a family name or first name that will violate the above restrictions when the two are combined.


3.3 Related Rules for Chatting and Interacting with Other Users


Communicating with other users and service personnel of Camel Games is an inseparable part of the program and is called Chat in this term of use. Your chat content might be monitored, recorded, reviewed, disclosed, or deleted without notifying you by Camel Games. You hereby understand and agree that Camel Games has the right to monitor, record, review, disclose, or delete your chat content. Furthermore, you will confirm here that you are aware of and agree to undertake the burden yourself for the risk of the chat in the program. When you chat or use services in the program, you cant:


1) Transmit or post content or language that Camel Games thinks is harmful. This includes but isnt limited to any illegal, harmful, threatening, abusive to others, harassing, slanderous, vulgar, coarse, obscene, hateful, pornographic, or any content or language that hatefully insults races, nations, religions, or other aspects that others find repulsive, and sales info of virtual in-game items that violates the fair spirit of the game. You also cant use words written incorrectly or use names similar to the names restricted above to evade the above content and language restrictions.


2) Performing any destructive behavior. For example, intentionally spamming so other users cant read the content in the chat, or when set to use macro with large amounts of text included to destroy the normal flow of chat, and uploading viruses, Trojan Horse, timebombs, and others that might cause damage to the service system or affect the stability of content.


3) Interfering with normal conversation or implementing behavior that produces negative effects on other users. This includes but isnt limited to posting business consultations and/or advertisements for items and services apart from War and Order.


4) Continuously sending unsolicited requests or unwelcome messages to a single user or continuously posting similar info in a certain chat. This includes but isnt limited to constantly sending advertisements to sell items or services.


5) In the program or websites related to the program, or transmitting or posting any private info of any user on forums, but the user can transmit personal info to a single user transferred in private messages.


6) Using software bots or other automatic technology to collect info from the program, or forums or networks owned or managed by Camel Games unless you have special permission from Camel Games.


7) Harass, threaten, stalk, or humiliate any user or creates unrest that affects the attention or creates discomfort for other users.


8) Cheating or using exploits during the process of using the program. This includes but isnt limited to modifying the program.


9Participating in behavior that Camel Games thinks will cause or may cause certain program users to be deceived or cheated into losing Gems, Stamina, Endurance, Gold Coins, every type of equipment and every type of materials and items, or other game items obtained through authorized pathways in the program.


10) Imitate any real person (including but not limited to game managers and other representatives or employees of Camel Games), or make others have reason to believe the messages you published in the program constitute server messages or messages posted by representatives or employees of Camel Games.


11) Uploading or posting content that infringes on the intellectual property (including but not limited to copyrights and trademarks) or public/private rights of any third-party.


3.4 Game Behavior Related Rules


War and Order has the two game modes of Player versus Environment (PvE) and Player versus Player (PvP). You agree and confirm that all game characters created on the server can automatically unlock the PvP feature through your behaviors in the program (For example the user interface or you enter specific areas in the program). This means you agree to enter PvP battle mode. You also agree and understand that all game characters created on the server always have the PvP battle feature unlocked. This means your game character might be attacked by characters controlled by other players.


Online gaming is the most important part of War and Orders. Therefore, the operator strictly enforces this terms of use and the relevant disclosed rules that should be complied with to use the program. Please note the operator will regard most of your behavior as your use of the program. Enemies that attack (battle) you and/or the Alliance will be considered as a part of the program and not harassment behavior. Because the program is a User versus User game, so first you have to bear in mind: when other players attack you, you should take measures on your own to protect yourself and not request customer service from the operator to save you when you are being attacked.


In spite of this, if some behavior is obviously unfair, it will still be considered as a violation of the terms of use. These behaviors include but arent limited to:


1) Using or taking advantage of design error, unjustified characteristics and/or bugs to enter unavailable programs or get a competitive advantage over other users.


2) Using any tool to hack or change the client or server software.


3) Using any pack detection and monitoring to get info of the software product from the program.


4) Implementing behavior prohibited by this terms of use or the disclosed rules of other laws and regulations that you should comply with.


5) Any behavior that Camel Games thinks violates the gaming spirit.


3.5 Offline Data Related Rules


After the user goes offline, Camel Games has the right to handle and reserve the right to the final interpretation of the related data info of improper user behavior data info as well as system announcements, rewards, and other user oriented data info sent by the operator of Camel Games while the user is offline.


Condition 4: User Info Protection and Collection


4.1 You agree and authorize Camel Games to collect your user info to carry out the purpose of this agreement and related services. This info includes the info you register in the real-name registration system, the game data of your game account, and other info you provide to Camel Games or on account of safety, user experience optimization, and for other consideration that needs to be collected by Camel Games (including but not limited to your drivers, CPU, IP address, mobile phone operating system, and more). Camel Games will abide by the regulations of this agreement and the related laws for the collection of your user info.


4.2 You fully understand and agree that Camel Games or third-party partners can provide you with event info, promotional info, and every other type of info through text messages and email according to your user info.


4.3 You fully understand and agree that Camel Games can use your mobile phone number, Game Center account, Facebook account, and other accounts recognized by Camel Games as your game account (including the name, avatar, and friends in this account), and the related operating info, game info, and other info in War and Order (Below called the info. The info specifically includes but isnt limited to your login status, battle info/status, achievements info, and more), and can display the info to you or other users or friends to provide you with better gaming services and improve the gaming experience.


4.4 You promise to fully respect the personal info that includes but isnt limited to other users you learn, receive, or come into contact with through the game War and Order and related services. You shouldnt collect, copy, save, transmit or in any other way to use the personal info of other users. Otherwise, you alone will bear the burden of the consequences.


4.5 Camel Games gives priority to protecting user info, privacy, and data security. Please note that Camel Games wont take any responsibility for lost game data.


4.6 You fully understand and agree that Camel Games cant provide, publicize, or share the name, personal ID number, contact info, home address, and other personal info to any third-party without the permission of the user. Except for the following situations:


(1) The user or the guardian of the user authorizes Camel Games to publish it.


(2) The relevant law requires Camel Games to publish it.


(3) Judicial authority or administrative office requires Camel Games to provide on the basis of legal procedures.


(4) When Camel Games takes legal action or arbitration towards users to maintain its legal rights.


(5) When the guardian of the user legally demands to have the personal info of the user provided.


4.7 To guarantee the privacy rights of the user and norms of using the users personal info, Camel Games drafted the War and Order Privacy Policyhttp://web.camelgames-wao.com/content/privacy_policy.html (Please use your mobile phones web browser to open). Please carefully read the contents of this policy. Except for legal and regulations, if you have already agreed or authorized Camel Games on the terms of the previously stated agreement or stipulation to collect, use, or manage your personal info, after you revoke this agreement or authorization, this wont affect the personal info collected, used, or managed by Camel Games before you revoke this agreement or authorization on the basis that you have already agreed or given authorization. The related personal info collected, used, or managed before you revoked this agreement or authorization by Camel Games continues to be valid.


Condition 5: Ownership and License


5.1 Camel Games already has authorized partners to provide the program to users in every published area and has the whole ownership and intellectual property rights of War and Order and related services. This includes but isnt limited to user accounts, account data, customer support history, game name, computer code, themes, items, characters, character names, stories, conversations, buzzwords, in-game scenes, concepts, artwork, animation, sound effects, music, visual effects, modes of operations, related documents, applets included in-game, chat scripts, character info, user adapted materials, logs of using this program to enter the game in the service, and personal info data that you provided to the operations team. You fully understand and agree that Camel Games has the right to provide, disclose, or transfer materials mentioned in this term to their respective licensees or licensors of Camel Games and its affiliated companies that might be located overseas. The program and service might include content of third-party licenses. If behavior that violates this agreement is discovered, this third-party licensor might exercise their rights.


5.2 If you make materials or other work (below called user adapted materials) based on the game War and Order or game related materials provided by Camel Games, the intellectual property rights of this user adapted materials is jointly owned by Camel Games and the user. Camel Games has the right by itself or affiliated companies and authorized third-parties to alone use or embed in-game the user adapted materials for copying, distributing, releasing, renting, displaying, performing, broadcasting, changing, modifying, transfering permission, transmitting through information networks, and using the above mentioned user adapted materials to create derived works.


5.3 If the third-party doesnt have permission from Camel Games or the user to use the user adapted materials, the user grants and agrees to Camel Games taking the proper measures to stop the acts of infringement by the third-party. As mentioned above, the expenses and earnings produced from the behavior to protect the right of Camel Games will be undertaken and entitled to Camel Games alone. If necessary, the user should assist Camel Games to provide the relevant supporting materials.


5.4 Camel Games reserves the exclusive right to make the derived products on the basis of the program. Without the written consent of Camel Games in advance, you cant make any derived products in the programs infrastructure.


5.5 You fully understand and agree that you need to download the game software of War and Order to be able to obtain the game service. You can download the game from the official Camel Games website or download the game from a third-party platform authorized by Camel Games. If you download the game War and Order from a third-party platform not authorized by Camel Games or download another game with the same name, Camel Games wont provide normal use of the game War and Order to you. Camel Games wont give compensation for any losses suffered by the user.


5.6 To provide you with a better gaming experience, Camel Games has the right to update the game software for War and Order or change some features, effects, or gameplay of the software content to make the game even better and the features more complete.


5.7 After the game software is updated, please update or download the latest version of the game software for War and Order. Camel Games doesnt guarantee the old version of the game software can be used normally and enjoy the related services. Please download the latest version without delay.


5.8 You fully understand and agree that you cant enter the game at any time.


Condition 6: Game Services and Restrictions


6.1 You fully understand and agree to comply with this agreement and game rules to use the game and services of War and Order. You can only use the game services of War and Order for non-commercial purposes.


6.2 You fully understand and agree to be subject to some standards of conduct already included in the rules through the service use of the program. These rules are made public and will be updated at unfixed intervals on the official Camel Games website or the official War and Order website. All users must comply with the service to use the program. Also, to add to the gaming experience, the game rules are published in the game War and Order by Camel Games, including restrictions of some game items and others that possibly have a definite term of validity. Regardless of the reason, once the term of validity expires, the item will automatically become invalid if you havent used the item within the term of validity. Camel Games reserves the right to change these game rules at any time.


6.3 You fully understand and agree that Camel Games will optimize the gaming experience to provide you with better game services in War and Order. Camel Games has the right to make adjustments, updates, or optimizations to any content, rules, or elements in the game (including but not limited to making adjustments, updates, or optimizations to the art design, performance, related value settings, and others for your Lord, buildings, game equipment, and other game items.) If Camel Games makes the relevant adjustments, updates, or optimizations, you agree that you wont look into legal liability against Camel Games.


6.4 You fully understand and agree that Camel Games has the right to transfer or remove some past game data stored on the game server of Camel Games to ensure the gaming experience for you and other users.


6.5 You fully understand and agree that Camel Games will take feasible and effective measures to protect the legal interests of underage users during the process of using the game services of Camel Games according to the relevant laws and regulations of this agreement. This includes possibly taking technological measures to restrict the gaming time of underage users to prevent underage internet addiction. All players should avoid publishing or producing any content that is harmful to the physical and psychological health of underage users during the process of using the game services of Camel Games to create a healthy gaming environment together.


6.6 You fully understand and agree that one of the conditions you have to comply with is Camel Games has the right to incorporate the corresponding anti-addiction system into your game account and take the corresponding anti-addiction measures:


(1) The system determines you are a minor or;


(2) The real-name identification info you submitted is irregular or;


(3) Your real-name verification was not approved or;


(4) You have not registered or have not successfully registered the game account or;


(5) The laws, regulations, policies of other countries demand or Camel Games has reasonable grounds to think the circumstance needs to incorporate the anti-addiction system.


6.7 Camel Games has the right to take one or more of the following measures to incorporate the related anti-addiction system according to the relevant laws, regulations, and policy regulations of the country, other terms of this agreements, operations strategy of Camel Games, or according to the reasonable request of your guardian:


(1) Limit your gaming time or gaming duration.


(2) Reduce your game earnings.


(3) Delete or remove your game account, game data, and the related info.


(4) Your legal guardian demands taking or Camel Games thinks taking other reasonable measures to restrict or prohibit your use of games by Camel Games.


(5) Related measures required by the laws, regulations, and policies of China.


6.8 You fully understand and agree to use legal tender in the game to purchase, buy, or exchange virtual currency, virtual items, and other virtual supplies or value-added services are regarded as your purchased game services. All virtual currencies, virtual items, and other virtual supplies or value-added services that you bought or exchanged for can not be returned or exchanged for legal tender, except when the law has mandatory provisions.


6.9 You fully understand and agree that Camel Games doesnt take responsibility for your losses caused by force majeure during the process of using the game services of War and Order under any circumstance. Force majeure includes but isnt limited to national laws, regulations, policies, orders of government agencies, and other government behavior, or others such as earthquakes, flood, snow, fire, tsunami, typhoon, strikes, war, policies, and other things that are unpredictable, unavoidable, and insurmountable. In consideration of the special nature of the internet and the purpose of this agreement, force majeure also includes the following circumstances that affect the game service provided by Camel Games: hacker attack, telecommunications technical adjustments that cause significant impact, governmental regulations that cause temporary closure, virus attack, bankruptcy of commercial operations game partner or restrictions by the relevant judicial authorities against its business performance abilities, service problems and operations policy requirements caused by service network construction, implementation, maintenance, and other operational aspects.


6.10 You fully understand and agree that Camel Games can know the RAM and/or CPU of your mobile device (including but isnt limited to mobile phone and tablet) to identify any unauthorized third-party programs that are operating simultaneously with the game through technical means. In this term called Unauthorized Third-Party Programsare independently determined by Camel Games. Third-party software conforms with any of the following characteristics: (i) Realized or assisting cheating or similar behavior; (ii) Methods clearly without the authorization of Camel Games that let the user alter or illegally invade the games interface, environment, or gaming experience; or (iii) Intercept, mine, or by other methods to collect info from the program or through the program.Unauthorized Third-Party Programsinclude but arent limited to addons, mods, bots, hacks, trainers, or cheats, and others. Once the unauthorized third-party programs are discovered, the program will give the relevant info back to Camel Games. This includes but isnt limited to your account info, the detailed info of the discovered third-party program, time and date discovered. Camel Games will take reasonable measures to crack down on this unauthorized behavior.


6.11 Camel Games alone will determine when to terminate the operations of the game War and Order. When Camel Games terminates the operations of the game War and Order for other reasons, Camel Games will handle the terminating operations of the game and related matters according to related laws and regulations of the national relevant online gaming terminations of operations.


Condition 7: User Behavior Restrictions


7.1 You fully understand and agree that you should comply with local laws and regulations, and respect the local customs and moral standards. You alone will bear legal liabilities for the actions of yourself and your account. At the same time, you cant use any content or services in War and Order that violate local laws and regulations of business.


7.2 You fully understand and agree that the user cant implement the following behavior under any circumstance:


(1) Reverse engineering, de-compile, disassemble, protocol simulate, or alter the program or service of War and Order. Add unauthorized components to War and Order or behavior that use packet sniffing programs and any other possible changes to the game features of War and Order or decode the game source code of War and Order when in the program or service operations of War and Order.


(2) Change the game program or service program of War and Order, other game related images and audio, all or some content of the program information by taking the liberty to copy, pirate, transmit, display, and any other method.


(3) Use game bugs in War and Order to carry out illegal acts, or use bugs to attack the operations and service of War and Order, destroy the gaming environment or encroach on the legal interests of other people.


(4) Assist or participate to attack the computer server (server) of the support services or any possible activities that ruin the gaming experience of other users.


(5) Use or self-develop software, plug-ins, mods, and systems that werent published by Camel Games for use in the game War and Order and/or to get illegal profit.


(6) All or some content unauthorized on any platform or other public places that display, record, broadcast, or transmit the game or services of War and Order to other people.


(7) Use the game War and Order or services of Camel Games to implement any profit seeking behavior.


(8) Alter or cover the game name of War and Order or the company name, logo, copyright info, or other intellectual property of Camel Games.


(9) Steal the game account of other people, or not the person who stole the account but actually uses the game account stolen by another person.


(10) Use fraudulent, factitious, concealed, misleading, and other methods to defraud another persons game account, resources, virtual currency, other items or earnings, disturbing the gaming environment and order.


(11) Other illegal, rule breaking, or unauthorized behavior.


7.3 You fully understand and agree the user cant make offline transactions and cant obtain game accounts, game items, game equipment, game resources, game currency, or other game services through purchases, accepting gifts, or other methods from third-parties unauthorized by Camel Games. The user cant share and/or sell game accounts and resources. Camel Games isnt responsible for any transaction behavior described to you above and rejects complaints of disputes that may occur and appeals. You alone will bear the burden of all consequences created.


7.4 You fully understand and agree the user cant use the National Flags as an avatar or alliance flag and cant maliciously use the real pictures of other people without authorization.


7.5 You fully understand and agree the user cant use the game War and Order to obtain economic benefits in order to create an excellent gaming environment and a high quality gaming experience. If your goal of using this game isnt to enjoy the game, but to seek profits, all of your transaction behaviors in the game for economic benefits, virtual supplies and earnings will be considered as illegal profits. Camel Games has the right to pursue your legal liabilities.


7.6 You fully understand and agree that if Camel Games reviews and judges the user to have violated the proceeding rules and regulations, Camel Games will take the appropriate measures (including but not limited to: warn, reduce or limit your game earnings, revert values, temporarily or permanently freeze your account, delete or remove your account, recycle in-game virtual supplies, limit user permissions, ban user accounts, delete files and data, and others). Camel Games can publish the handling of the results, or can report the saved related info to the relevant departments according to the laws and regulations. Camel Games has the right to demand that you pay compensations for noncompliance and all losses created for Camel Games. If your behavior causes or produces losses to yourself and/or any claims of compensation, demands, or losses from third-party claims, you will independently shoulder the responsibilities. You will also compensate for losses suffered by Camel Games.


Condition 8: Jurisdictions and Application of Laws


8.1 Unless otherwise clearly prescribed, this term of use applies to the laws and regulations of the place of arbitration, and without regard to conflict of law principles. The United Nations Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods has been clearly excluded from the application. If you voluntarily select another place outside the region to enter the service, you should comply with the local laws at the same time (within the range of application of the local laws). The game software is still subject to the relevant export controls. The program software cant be downloaded, exported, or re-exported outside the region.


8.2 Disputes are costly and time consuming for all parties. To cut down on the resolution time and reduce the resolution costs, you and Camel Games agree to try to the best of your abilities to reach the same resolution through negotiations of disputes, controversies, or claims of compensation (collectively referred to as disputes).


8.3 Binding arbitration. If the parties are not able to resolve the dispute through negotiation (except for civil disputes explicitly listed below). You and Camel Games agree to handle matters through arbitration. All parties agree to the China International Economic and Trade Arbitration Commission (abbreviated to CIETAC). Arbitration will be held in BeijingChina according to the effective arbitration rules and applicable laws of CIETAC. The arbitral decision is final and binding to all parties. Your arbitration fees and arbitration compensation that you share responsibility for will be undertaken by you alone.


8.4 You and Camel Games agree that any arbitration only applies to disputes between you personally and Camel Games. You recognize and agree: (1) Any arbitration doesnt involve other people; (2) Have no right or authorization to jointly dispute or use the program for joint disputes; (3) Have no right or authorization for representatives to assume representation of the public or other people to file disputes.


8.5 You and Camel Games agree the following disputes arent subject to restraints of the negotiations and the binding arbitration terms described above: (1) Effectively related disputes for any attempt to execute or protect the intellectual property or intellectual property rights of Camel Games; (2) Any disputes related to stolen, pirated, or programs unauthorized by Camel Games, or disputes risen from these circumstances; and (3) Requests to remove court injunctions. Such disputes will be conducted by the Peoples Court that has jurisdiction over Camel Games. You and Camel Games agree to submit such disputes to this court.


8.6 To avoid disputes, this agreement refers to the problem of related data and related technical aspects. The user agrees the data stored on the War and Order servers are the standard of judgment. The team for War and Order guarantees the truthfulness of this data.


Condition 9: Others


9.1 You fully understand and agree that Camel Games reserves the complete and independent right to decide to alter, amend, add, supplement, or delete any content of this term of use. If substantial changes occur (the independent judgement of Camel Games shall prevail), there will be announcements made through one or more of the following methods: (1) Post the announcement on the official War and Order® website, (2) email, (3) postal mail, (4) pop-up windows, (5) in-game notifications, (6) program patches, (7) Facebook, websites, or important pages of forums. If you are unable to accept the amended content, you have the right to stop using the program and service. If you still install and/or use the program or related services after the changes to this term of use, this means that you accept all of the amended content.


Camel Games can, according to the situation at the time, alter, amend, suspend, or stop the entire or part of the program or service at any time. This includes but isnt limited to updates provided to the hardware/software, inspecting or maintaining hardware or software, or power outages, game data, and other info that is concentrated, stored, or uploaded to the program, to comply with the applicable laws and excludes potential safety hazards or solving emergency situations. You fully understand and agree that you wont demand Camel Games to pay compensation for these actions for any reason.


9.2 You fully understand and agree that on account of the special characteristic of online services, Camel Games has the right to amend, suspend, or terminate some or all content at any time according to the requirements of the laws and regulations as well as relevant authorities, cooperation status with partners, complaints, and reports of third-party obligees, and the development situation of the gaming business for Camel Games. After the service is terminated, all of your in-game virtual items will not be returned.


9.3 This term of use made up between you and Camel Games is the complete and only agreement on matters for this term of use, and supersedes the spoken or written agreement concluded for matters reached by this term of use.


9.4 If provisions in this term of use are considered to be illegal, invalid, or lose power of execution for any reason, this provision will be deleted from this term of use and wont affect the effectiveness of other terms.


9.5 The behavior of any term that fails to be executed by Camel Games in this term of use shouldnt be interpreted as waiving the current or future rights of this term, and wont affect the rights of Camel Games to execute this terms of use in the future. Camel Games clearly raises waiving the regulations, conditions, and requests in this term of use doesnt constitute waiving investigations in the future of the responsibilities corresponding with this regulation, condition, or request.


9.6 Camel Games and its licensors reserve all rights. If you have any questions, you can email our operations team.


Support team: wao@camel4u.com


《战火与秩序游戏许可及服务协议》(以下简称“本协议”)是由您与战火与秩序游戏提供方共同缔结,Camel Games特别提示您于注册成为战火与秩序用户前,请务必审慎阅读、充分理解本协议的全部内容,特别是其中免除或者限制Camel Games责任条款、限制用户的权力条款、法律适用和争议解决条款,该类条款通常以加粗红色字体标示。

用户应当明确:如果您不同意本协议的任何条款,则您无权使用战火与秩序游戏服务。您按照战火与秩序注册程序,点击同意、接受或下一步,或成功注册为战火与秩序的用户,或在注册成为战火与秩序用户之后进入游戏程序并使用,均视为您已阅读并无条件接受、遵守本协议。如果发生纠纷,用户不得以未仔细阅读为由实行抗辩。如您不愿接受本协议,您可以选择离开本程序并不再继续进入游戏。如您对本协议或战火与秩序游戏服务有意见或建议,可与Camel Games客户服务部门联系,我们会给予您必要的帮助。

无论您进入《战火与秩序》的哪个版本,如果您未满18周岁,请在法定监护人的陪同下阅读本协议,并特别注意未成年人使用条款,并在取得监护人对用户使用Camel Games提供的战火与秩序游戏服务、向Camel Games支付费用的行为,以及对本协议全部条款的同意之后,方可使用Camel Games提供的战火与秩序游戏服务。您应当受家长监督以及防沉迷系统的制约。您在此同意,您将及时向Camel Games提供真实完整的信息,以便于Camel Games识别您的身份;否则,因此产生的后果将由您自行承担。此外,Camel Games还有权随时要求您或者家长(监护人)提供身份证、户口本等必要资料,证明您的身份、家长(监护人)身份以及家长(监护人)监管行为的真实性和合理性。Camel Games亦有权基于提交给Camel Games的资料独立决定任何年龄限制或未成年人家长监护系统是否适用于您。在适用法律允许的最大范围内,Camel Games保留对防沉迷系统和未成年人家长监护系统的使用范围与使用条件进行创设、变更和终止的权利。 您必须已经在服务上注册一个战火与秩序账号,方可进入本程序。所有对程序和服务的使用必须遵守本及今后更新版本中的所有内容。任何不按使用战火与秩序程序或服务的行为均被明确禁止。

第一条 定义


1.2《战火与秩序》:指由【北京壳木软件有限责任公司】公司开发及代理运营的《战火与秩序》游戏(英文名:War and Order),包括但不限于该游戏的移动设备端版本、该游戏现有的及未来即将发布的任何一个版本或更新版本;包括该游戏的客户端软件、服务器端软件、源代码、目标代码、资源文件等;并可能包括相关的网络服务器、网站(包括但不限于该游戏之官方网站或官方论坛)、电子媒体、印刷材料或电子文档等。



1.5游戏服务提供方:北京壳木软件有限责任公司, 本协议简称“Camel Games”。





1.10虚拟物品:指Camel Games为满足玩家在游戏服务中的正常交易交流需求,而设计的一种虚拟道具,通过人民币兑换等途径获得,可用于换取游戏中指定的各类增值服务,仅限于在特定游戏中使用和流通


1.12非正常用户行为:指Camel Games运营方经数据和人工调研发现的用户行为不符合正常玩家的行为表现,存在本协议禁止的行为,该行为则被Camel Games定义为非正常用户行为。

第二条 游戏账号


2.1.1您承诺以您提供真实、合法、准确、有效的身份信息及其他相关信息绑定《战火与秩序》帐号或Camel Games认可的其他合作方帐号,并以该等帐号(下亦称“用户帐号”)接受Camel Games服务。否则,Camel Games有权采取本协议第7.6条规定的一种或多种处理措施,并可公布处理结果,因此造成的一切后果由您自行承担,且Camel Games有权要求您赔偿因此给Camel Games造成的所有损失。

2.1.2您如果使用本游戏,则您有义务将您享有使用权的手机号码或Game Center账号、Facebook账号及Camel Games认可的其他第三方账号绑定为游戏账号。我们建议您使用手机号进行注册,以方便在必要的情况下Camel Games与您进行联络,否则Camel Games只能通过游戏系统公告的方式与您联络,产生的后果将由您自行承担。




2.2.1 如您使用Camel Games认可的第三方账号作为游戏账号使用和享受《战火与秩序》游戏的,您还应遵守有关该第三方账号的协议、规则,且因该第三方账号产生的相关问题包括但不限于被盗等,您应自行联系该第三方进行解决。Camel Games可视情况提供相应的协助,但不承担任何责任。

2.2.2 您充分理解并同意,为判断或核实您提供的相关身份信息、实名注册信息是否真实或有效,Camel Games有权将您提供的上述信息提供至第三方进行整理、保存及比对等处理。Camel Games有权积极地采取技术与管理等合理措施保障用户账号的安全、有效;用户有义务妥善保管其账号及密码,并正确、安全地使用其账号及密码。任何一方未尽上述义务导致账号密码遗失、账号被盗等情形而给用户和他人的民事权利造成损害的,应当承担由此产生的法律责任。

2.2.3您充分理解并同意,若您发现有他人冒用或盗用您的游戏账号及密码,或任何其他未经您合法授权使用的情形时,应立即以Camel Games要求的有效方式通知Camel Games并告知Camel Games需采取的措施。您通知Camel Games时,应提供与您注册身份信息相一致的个人有效身份信息,以及Camel Games要求您提供的其他相关信息。Camel Games收到您的有效请求并核实身份后,会根据您的要求或结合具体情况采取相应措施(包括但不限于暂停该账号的登录和使用等),Camel Games因根据您的请求采取相应措施而造成您及其他用户损失的,由您自行承担。若您没有提供有效身份信息或您提供的个人有效身份信息与所注册的身份信息不一致的,或Camel Games要求您提供的其他相关信息您未提供或您提供的其他相关信息错误的,Camel Games有权拒绝您的请求,因此造成您损失的,由您自行承担。

2.2.4您充分理解并同意,为高效利用服务器资源,如果您连续3年内未使用成功注册的游戏账号登录Camel Games游戏,Camel Games有权在提前通知的情况下,对该账号及其账号下的游戏数据及相关信息采取删除等处置措施。

2.2.5 在《战火与秩序》游戏提供游戏账号注销功能情形下,如您需要注销游戏账号的,可按照该游戏官方提供的账号注销指引进行操作,并应保证满足游戏官方提供的有关游戏账号注销的相关条件。

2.2.6您充分理解并同意,如您注销游戏账号的,该游戏账号下的相关游戏收益也将会被清除。据此,在您注销本游戏账号前请您确保已妥善处理该游戏账号下的游戏收益或相关的游戏收益已结清。一旦您注销本游戏账号,如届时该游戏账号下还存在游戏收益的(包括在本游戏使用期间已产生的及未来可能产生的游戏收益),Camel Games有权对该游戏账号下的全部游戏收益做清除处理,因此产生的后果由您自行承担。前述游戏收益包括但不限于:游戏月卡权益、等级;与游戏领主成长升级相关的所有数据(包括但不限于领主战力数据、领主杀敌数据、领主城堡等级、领主等级等);尚未使用的网络游戏虚拟货币、虚拟道具及其他虚拟物品(包括但不限于钻石、道具、资源及其他等);已经购买但未到期或未使用完的增值服务;已产生但未消耗完毕的其他游戏收益或未来预期的游戏收益等。

2.3您充分理解并同意,《战火与秩序》游戏可能因游戏软件BUG、版本更新缺陷、第三方病毒攻击或其他任何因素导致您无法登陆游戏账号,或导致您的游戏角色、游戏道具、游戏装备及宝石等账号数据发生异常。在数据异常的原因未得到查明前,Camel Games有权暂时冻结该游戏账号;若查明数据异常为非正常游戏行为,游戏厂商将恢复游戏账号数据至异常发生前的原始状态(包括向第三方追回被转移数据),Camel Games对此免责。

第三条 游戏规则

3.1基本行为规则。 您在此确认,您有义务遵守区域内的所有政府规则和规定。您进一步确认,您了解这些规则和规定并特此确认,在与其他用户联系和接入程序时,您的行为在各个方面均符合这些规则和规定。


您充分理解并同意,每个用户可自行或者通过系统随机选取一个角色名。此外,用户可以成立“联盟”(即一般所说的玩家游戏内公会) ,而用户也同样需要为该“联盟”选择一个名字。当您取了一个角色名,建了一个“联盟”,或以其他方式创建了一个能为使用程序或服务的其他用户所看到的标记,您必须遵守以下准则及公序良俗。如果Camel Games认为该标记可能冒犯他人或者不妥当,则Camel Games有权自行决定:更改该名字,移除标记及关闭相关聊天室,和/或暂时中止或永久终止您对程序或服务的使用。


1) 为假冒另一人,而使用该人的名字,包括但不限于“游戏管理员”“游戏客服”以及Camel Games的其他雇员或代理人;

2) 有“诅咒”含义的名字,包含粗俗语言,包含可能冒犯他人、破坏他人名誉的、猥亵的、仇恨性的字眼,或某些侮辱种族、民族、宗教或在其他方面使人厌恶的字眼;

3) 由其他个人或实体拥有权利而未经该个人或实体书面授权的名字;

4) 公众人物、名人或传媒明星的姓名;

5) 包含(注册或未注册)商标或服务标记或者与这些商标或与服务标记实质性相似的名字;

6) 取自《战火与秩序》游戏中的角色名;

7) 与毒品、性、酒精或犯罪行为有关的名字;


3.3 与其他的用户聊天和互动的相关规则。

与其他用户及Camel Games的服务人员进行交流是程序不可分割的一部分,在本使用条款中称为 “ 聊天 ”。您的聊天内容可能会被Camel Games监视、记录、审核、公开或删除而不另行通知您;您特此理解并且同意Camel Games有权根据自己的决定监视、记录、审核、公开或删除您的聊天内容。此外,您在此确认知悉且同意自行承担在程序内聊天的风险。 当您在程序中聊天或使用服务时,您不得:

1)传送或张贴Camel Games认为有害的内容或语言,包括但不限于任何非法的、有害的、威胁性的、辱骂他人的、骚扰性的、诽谤性的、粗俗的、淫秽的、仇恨性的、渲染色情的或在侮辱种族、民族或其他方面使人厌恶的任何内容或语言,以及违反游戏公平精神的游戏内虚拟物品买卖信息,您也不得使用错别字或与上列限制使用的名称相近的字词来规避以上内容和语言的限制;

2) 进行任何带有破坏性的行为,例如:故意 “刷屏”以使得其他用户无法阅读聊天屏的内容,或设置使用时具有破坏聊天正常流量作用的含有大量文本的宏,上传病毒、特洛依木马、定时炸弹等可能对服务系统造成伤害或影响其稳定性的内容。

3) 干扰正常对话或实施给其他用户产生负面影响的行为,包括但不限于张贴《战火与秩序》之外商品和服务的商业征询及/或广告;

4) 向单个用户连续发送未经要求、不受欢迎的信息或在某一聊天区连续张贴相似信息,包括但不限于连续不断的发送广告兜售商品或服务;

5) 在程序或程序相关的网站或论坛上传播或张贴任何用户的私人信息,但用户可在向单个用户传送的私人消息中传播其个人信息;

6) 使用机器人软件或其他自动技术以从程序或Camel Games拥有或管理的论坛或网络中收集信息,除非由Camel Games特别许可;

7) 骚扰、威胁、追踪、羞辱任何用户或造成其不安,影响其注意力或造成其不适;

8) 在使用程序过程中作弊或利用溢出(exploits),包括但不仅限于修改程序;

9) 参与Camel Games认为会导致或可能导致某一程序用户被骗或因欺诈而失去钻石、体力、耐力、金币、各种装备、各种材料和道具或其在程序中通过授权途径获得的任何其他游戏物品的行为;

10) 模仿任何真人(包括但不限于 “游戏管理员”、Camel Games的其他任何代理或雇员),或使他人有理由相信您发布在程序中的消息构成服务器消息或由是Camel Games代理人或雇员张贴的消息;

11) 上传或张贴侵犯任何第三者的知识产权(包括但不仅限于著作权、商标权)或公众/私人权利的内容。

3.4 游戏行为相关规则




1) 使用或利用设计错误、未被证明的特征和/或“程序缺陷”(“bugs”)进入尚不可用的程序或者获得优先于其他用户的竞争优势;

2) 使用任何工具入侵删改(hack)或更改客户端或服务器端软件;

3) 使用任何通过“封包检测和监控”从程序中获得信息的软件产品;

4) 实施本使用条款或者其他法律法规中规定的应遵守之公开规则所禁止的行为;

5) 任何Camel Games认为违反《战火与秩序》“游戏精神”的行为。

3.5 离线数据相关规则

用户离线后,对非正常用户行为所得的数据信息,以及Camel Games运营方在用户离线期间发送的系统公告、奖励等用户定向数据信息,Camel Games有权进行相关数据信息的处理并保留最终解释权。

第四条 用户信息保护与收集

4.1 您同意并授权Camel Games为履行本协议之目的及相关服务收集您的用户信息,这些信息包括您在实名注册系统中注册的信息、您游戏账号下的游戏数据以及其他您在使用《战火与秩序》游戏服务的过程中向Camel Games提供或Camel Games基于安全、用户体验优化等考虑而需收集的信息(包括但不限于您的驱动程序、中央处理器信息、IP地址及手机操作系统等),Camel Games对您的用户信息的收集将遵循本协议及相关法律的规定。

4.2 您充分理解并同意:Camel Games或其合作的第三方可以根据您的用户信息,通过短信、邮件等各种方式向您提供关于Camel Games游戏的活动信息、推广信息等各类信息。

4.3 您理解并同意:为了更好地向您提供游戏服务,改善游戏体验,Camel Games可对您作为游戏账号的手机号、Game Center账号、Facebook账号以及Camel Games认可的其他账号(包括该等账号中的昵称、头像,以及好友关系)以及在Camel Games游戏中的相关操作信息、游戏信息等信息(以下称“该等信息”。该等信息具体包括但不限于您的登录状态、对战信息/状态、成就信息等)进行使用,并可向您本人或其他用户或好友展示该等信息。

4.4 您应对通过《战火与秩序》游戏及相关服务了解、接收或接触到的包括但不限于其他用户在内的任何人的个人信息予以充分尊重,您不应以搜集、复制、存储、传播或以其他任何方式使用其他用户的个人信息,否则,由此产生的后果由您自行承担。

4.5 Camel Games优先考虑的是保护用户信息、隐私及数据安全。请注意,Camel Games不对游戏数据丢失承担任何责任。

4.6您充分理解并同意,未经用户许可Camel Games公司不得向任何第三方提供、公开或共享用户注册资料中的姓名、个人有效身份证件号码、联系方式、家庭住址等个人身份信息,但下列情况除外:

(1)用户或用户监护人授权Camel Games公司披露的;

(2)有关法律要求Camel Games公司披露的;

(3)司法机关或行政机关基于法定程序要求Camel Games公司提供的;

(4)Camel Games公司为了维护自己合法权益而向用户提起诉讼或者仲裁时;


4.7 为保障用户的隐私权、规范对用户个人信息的利用,Camel Games公司制定了《战火与秩序隐私政策》请使用手机网页版打开),请用户详细阅读该政策的内容。除法律另有规定外,如您已同意或授权Camel Games依据前述协议或规定收集、使用或处理涉及您的个人信息的,在您撤回该同意或授权后,不影响Camel Games在此之前已基于您的同意或授权所进行的个人信息的收集、使用或处理,Camel Games对此前相关个人信息收集、使用或处理继续有效。

第五条 所有权及许可

5.1 Camel Games在各发行区域内已经授权合作方向用户提供程序,并且拥有与《战火与秩序》及相关服务的一切所有权及知识产权:包括但不仅限于用户账号、帐号数据、客服历史、游戏名称、电脑代码、主题、物品、角色、角色名、故事情节、对话、流行语、游戏内场景、概念、美术作品、动画、音效、音乐、视觉效果、运行方式、相关文档、游戏包含的小应用程序、聊天室脚本、角色信息、用户改编素材、在服务上使用本程序进入游戏的记录以及您提供给运营团队的个人信息数据。您充分理解并同意,Camel Games有权将本条中提及的资料提供、透露或转移给Camel Games、关联公司、他们各自的许可方或被许可方,他们可能位于境外。程序和服务可能含有第三方许可的内容,如发现违反本协议的行为,该第三方许可人可能会行使他们的权利。

5.2如果您根据《战火与秩序》游戏、Camel Games提供的相关的游戏素材制作了素材或其他作品(以下简称“用户改编素材”),那么该用户改编素材的知识产权及所有权归Camel Games与用户共同所有。Camel Games有权自行或授权其关联公司、第三方单独或嵌入游戏整体内就用户改编素材进行复制、分发、发行、出租、展览、表演、广播、修改、改编、转许可、通过信息网络传播,以及使用上述用户改编素材创作衍生作品。

5.3如果第三方未经Camel Games或用户授权而使用用户改编素材,则用户授予并同意Camel Games对第三方采取Camel Games认为适当措施进行制止其侵权行为。因上述Camel Games维权行为产生的费用及收益均由Camel Games独自承担和享有。如必要,用户应当协助Camel Games提供相关证明资料。

5.4 Camel Games保留在程序基础上制作衍生产品的独家权利。未经Camel Games事先的书面同意,您不得在程序基础上制作任何衍生产品。

5.5您充分理解并同意,您需要下载《战火与秩序》游戏软件,才能够获得游戏服务,您可以从Camel Games官方网站下载游戏,或者从Camel Games授权的第三方平台中下载游戏。如果您从非经Camel Games授权的第三方平台下载《战火与秩序》游戏或下载其他同名游戏,Camel Games将无法为您提供《战火与秩序》游戏的正常使用,用户因此受到的任损失Camel Games不予赔偿。

5.6为了让您得到更好的游戏体验,Camel Games有权对《战火与秩序》游戏软件进行更新,或改变软件内容的部分功能、效果或玩法,使游戏更加完善、功能更加完备。

5.7游戏软件更新后,请您更新或下载最新版本的《战火与秩序》游戏软件,Camel Games不保证旧版的游戏软件能够正常使用,享受相关服务。请用户及时下载最新版本。


第六条 游戏服务及限制

6.1 您充分理解并同意,遵守本协议及游戏规则使用《战火与秩序》游戏及服务。您仅可为非商业目的使用《战火与秩序》游戏服务。

6.2 您充分理解并同意:您通过服务对程序的使用受制于某些已经包含在规则中的行为准则。这些规则将在Camel Games官方网站或者《战火与秩序》官方网站上公开并不定期更新,所有通过服务使用程序的用户必须遵守。另外,为了增加游戏体验,Camel Games在《战火与秩序》游戏中发布的游戏规则,其中部分游戏道具等可能受到一定有效期限的限制,无论何种原因,您在规定的有效期内未使用,一旦有效期届满,将会自动失效。Camel Games保留随时修改这些游戏规则的权利。

6.3 您充分理解并同意:为更好地向您提供《战火与秩序》游戏服务,优化游戏体验。Camel Games有权对游戏中的任何内容、规则或构成元素等作出调整、更新或优化(包括但不限于您领主、建筑、游戏装备及其他游戏道具的美术设计、性能及相关数值设置等作出调整、更新或优化等)。且如Camel Games做出相应调整、更新或优化的,您同意不会因此追究Camel Games的任何法律责任。

6.4 您充分理解并同意:为了保证您及其他用户的游戏体验,Camel Games有权转移或者清除Camel Games游戏服务器上存储的一些过往的游戏数据。

6.5 您充分理解并同意,Camel Games将按照相关法律法规和本协议的规定,采取切实有效的措施保护未成年人在使用Camel Games游戏服务过程中的合法权益,包括可能采取技术措施、限制未成年人的游戏时间、预防未成年人沉迷网络。所有玩家在使用《战火与秩序》游戏服务的过程中应避免发布、产生任何有损未成年人身心健康的内容,共同营造健康游戏环境。

6.6 您充分理解并同意,您符合以下情形之一的,Camel Games有权将您的游戏账号纳入相应的防沉迷系统,采取相应的防沉迷措施:





(5)其他国家法律法规政策要求或Camel Games有合理理由认为需要纳入防沉迷系统的情形的。

6.7 Camel Games有权依据国家有关法律法规及政策规定、本协议其他条款规定、Camel Games游戏运营策略或根据您法定监护人的合理要求,对纳入相应防沉迷系统的游戏账号采取以下一种或多种措施:




(4)您法定监护人要求采取的,或Camel Games认为可采取的其他合理措施,以限制或禁止您使用Camel Games游戏;


6.8 您充分理解并同意,您使用法定货币进行游戏充值购买或兑换游戏虚拟货币、虚拟道具及其他虚拟物品或增值服务的,视为您购买了游戏服务,您所购买或兑换的游戏虚拟货币、虚拟道具及其他虚拟物品或增值服务将不能退还或兑换成法定货币,但法律另有强制性规定的除外。当您发起退款后,Camel Games有权对您购买后退款的虚拟物品进行同等数量的道具扣除,如应扣道具数量不足扣的情况下,Camel Games将扣除相同价值的钻石、资源或者折合成相应资源的建筑等级进行扣除或降级。

6.9 您充分理解并同意,在任何情况下,Camel Games不对因不可抗力导致的您在使用《战火与秩序》游戏服务过程中遭受的损失承担责任。该等不可抗力事件包括但不限于国家法律、法规、政策及国家机关的命令及其他政府行为或者其它的诸如地震、水灾、雪灾、火灾、海啸、台风、罢工、战争、政策等不可预测、不可避免且不可克服的事件。鉴于互联网之特殊性质及本协议之目的,不可抗力亦包括下列影响Camel Games提供游戏服务之情形:黑客攻击;电信部门技术调整导致之重大影响;因政府管制而造成之暂时关闭;病毒侵袭,商业化运营游戏合作方破产或相关司法机关对其进行商业履行能力予以限制,因运营商方面的服务网络建设实施、维护、运营等所引起的服务问题以及运营商政策要求。

6.10 您充分理解并同意,在游戏运行时,Camel Games可通过技术手段了解您移动设备(包括但不限于手机、平板电脑)的随机存储内存(RAM)和/或CPU以识别与程序同时运行的未经授权的第三方程序。本条中所称的 “未经授权的第三方程序”是指经Camel Games独立判断,符合以下任一特征的第三方软件;(i)实现或者协助作弊或者同类行为;(ii)以未经Camel Games明确许可的方式,让用户修改或非法入侵游戏界面、环境或者游戏体验;或(iii)拦截、 “挖取(MINE)”或其他方式从程序中或通过程序收集信息。“未经授权的第三方程序” 包括但不限于“辅助程序”(ADDON)、“游戏增强程序”(MOD)、“机器人程序软件”(BOTS)、“黑客程序”(HACK)、“训练程序”(TRAINER)或者“作弊程序”(CHEAT),等。一旦发现未经授权的第三方程序,程序将向Camel Games回馈有关信息,包括但不限于您的账号信息、所发现的未经许可的第三方程序的详细信息、发现的时间和日期,Camel Games将采取合理的措施打击该未经授权的行为。

6.11 Camel Games自行决定终止运营《战火与秩序》游戏时或《战火与秩序》游戏因其他任何原因终止运营时,Camel Games会按照国家有关网络游戏终止运营的相关法律法规规定处理游戏终止运营相关事宜,以保障用户合法权益。

第七条 用户行为限制













(1)反向工程(reverse engineering)、反编译(de-compile)、反汇编(disassemble)、协议模拟、修改《战火与秩序》程序或服务、为《战火与秩序》添加未被授权的组件或在《战火与秩序》程序或服务运行时使用封包窃听程序等任何可能改变《战火与秩序》游戏功能或破译《战火与秩序》游戏源代码的行为;




(5)使用或自行研发非Camel Games发布的软件、插件、外挂、系统,用于《战火与秩序》游戏且/或获得不当利益。


(7)利用《战火与秩序》游戏或Camel Games服务从事任何营利行为。

(8)修改或遮盖《战火与秩序》游戏名称或Camel Games公司名称、商标、版权信息或其他知识产权。




7.3您充分理解并同意,用户不得线下交易,且不得在Camel Games未授权的第三方通过购买、接受赠与或者其他的方式获得游戏账号、游戏道具、游戏装备、游戏资源、游戏币及其他游戏服务。用户不得共享和/或销售账户及资源。Camel Games不对您上述任何交易行为负责,并且不受理因此发生纠纷而带来的申诉,因此造成的一切后果由您自行承担。


7.5您充分理解并同意,为了创造良好的游戏环境、优质的用户体验,用户不得利用《战火与秩序》游戏谋取经济利益。如果您使用本游戏的目的并非享受游戏,而是为了牟取利益,则您因此在游戏中所得的经济利益、虚拟物品,以及以盈利为目得的交易行为,将被认定为谋取不当利益,Camel Games有权追究您的法律责任。

7.6您充分理解并同意,如经Camel Games经审查判断用户违反前款规定,将会采取适当措施(包括但不限于:警告、减少或限制您的游戏收益、倒扣数值、暂时或永久冻结账号、删除或注销账号、回收游戏虚拟物品、限制用户权限、禁封用户账号、删除档案及数据等)。Camel Games可以公布处理结果,或依据法律法规保存有关信息向有关部门报告等。Camel Games有权要求您赔偿因您违约行为而给Camel Games造成的所有损失。如果您的行为导致或产生自身损失和/或第三方主张的任何索赔、要求或损失,您应当独立承担责任;Camel Games因此遭受损失的,您也应当一并赔偿。

第八条 管辖及法律适用

8.1除非另有明确约定,否则,本使用条款适用中华人民共和国法律,并排除一切冲突法原则的适用。《联合国公约国际货物买卖法》被明确排除适用。如您自愿选择区域外的其他地方进入服务,则您应同时遵守当地法律(在当地法律适用的范围内) 。游戏软件还应受到有关出口控制。程序软件不得在区域外下载、出口或再出口。

8.2 争端对各方而言都是昂贵而耗时的。为缩短解决时间并降低解决成本,对于任何针对本条款的争端、争议或索赔( 统称“争端”),您和Camel Games同意尽量通过协商方式解决达成一致。 举报邮箱:【wao@camel4u.com】

8.3 有约束力的仲裁。 如果各方无法通过协商解决争端(但下文明确列出的例外争端除外),您和Camel Games同意通过仲裁处理。各方同意由中国国际经济贸易仲裁委员会(简称“CIETAC”)根据CIETAC有效的仲裁规则以及适用法律在中国北京进行仲裁。仲裁裁决是终局的,对各方均有约束力。您的仲裁费用及您应分担的仲裁赔偿应由您个人自行承担。

8.4 您和Camel Games同意任何仲裁仅限应用于Camel Games同您个人之间的争端。您认可并同意(1)任何仲裁均不牵涉其他人;(2)没有任何权利或授权进行共同仲裁或使用共同仲裁的程序;并且(3)没有任何权利或授权允许代表公众或者其他人的假设的代理人提起争端。

8.5 您和Camel Games同意下列争端将不受上述协商及约束仲裁条款约束:(1)任何试图执行或者保护Camel Games知识产权或与知识产权的有效性相关的争端;(2)任何有关偷窃、盗版或未经Camel Games授权使用程序的争端,或由这些情况引起的争端;及(3)要求解除法院禁止令。此类争端应由Camel Games所在地有管辖权的人民法院处理,您和Camel Games同意将该类争端提交该法院裁决。

8.6 为了避免争议,本协议涉及到的有关数据,有关技术方面的问题,用户同意以《战火与秩序》服务器所储存的数据作为判断标准,战火与秩序工作组保证该数据的真实性。

8.7 我司严格遵守中国地区的法律法规,其中明确表示网络游戏运营企业应当及时在该游戏的官方网站或者随机抽取页面公示可能抽取或者合成的所有虚拟道具和增值服务的名称、性能、内容、数量及抽取或者合成概率。公示的随机抽取相关信息应当真实有效。

具体概率数值请访问该页面: 各项活动概率数值公示

第九条 其他

9.1您充分理解并同意,Camel Games保留完全、独立权利,单独决定更改、修订、增加、补充或删除本使用条款的任何内容。如发生实质性的变更(以Camel Games的独立判断为准),则将通过如下任何一种或几种方式公告:(1)在《战火与秩序®》官方网站张贴公告,(2)电子邮件,(3)邮政邮件,(4)弹出窗口,(5)游戏内通知,(6)补丁程序,(7)微信公众号、网站或论坛重要页面。如您无法接受修订后的内容,您有权停止使用程序和服务。若您在本使用条款变更后仍然安装和/或使用程序或相关服务,则意味着您接受修改后的所有内容。 Camel Games可根据当时的情况,随时更改、修订、中止或停止程序或服务的整体或部分,包括但不限于提供硬件/软件的更新、检查或维修硬件/软件或停电、游戏数据以及其他集中、储存或上传于程序中的信息,以遵守适用法律、排除安全隐患或解决紧急情况。您充分理解并同意,您不会以任何理由要求Camel Games因该些行动而做出赔偿或者补偿。

9.2您充分理解并同意,由于互联网服务的特殊性,Camel Games有权根据法律法规的规定及相关主管部门的要求、与合作方的合作情况、第三方权利人的投诉举报、以及Camel Games游戏业务发展情况,随时变更、中断或终止本服务的部分或全部内容。服务终止后,您游戏中的各种虚拟物品将不予退还。

9.3 本使用条款构成您与Camel Games之间就本使用条款约定事项的完整和唯一的协议,并取代就本使用条款事项达成的口头或书面协议。


9.5 Camel Games未能执行本使用条款中的任何条款的行为不应被解释为放弃当前或未来对该条款的权利,也不会影响Camel Games日后要求执行该条款的权利。Camel Games明确提出放弃本使用条款中的规定、条件或要求不构成放弃追究未来与此规定、条件或要求相一致的责任。

9.6 Camel Games及其许可方保留一切权利。如您有任何疑问,可以给我们的运营客服部门发送电子邮件.